Monday, August 24, 2009

Letters: AirAsia apologizes

18 August 2009

PT Indonesia would like to apologize to all guests for the delay of flight QZ7496 that occurred on Aug. 9 in Medan. The flight was intended to depart to Jakarta, from Polonia Airport, Medan, Indonesia at 4.30 p.m. Due to a warning signal detected by our system, the flight was rescheduled to 7 p.m. to be evaluated, and at 8.30 p.m. it was confirmed that the flight was canceled. At that moment 80 passengers were waiting to board.

When a problem occurs with an aircraft, AirAsia's policy is to prioritize, at the highest level, the safety of our guests. Because of this, the crew decided to check the aircraft for the problem and repair whatever fault there was. When we discovered the fault could not be fixed by that time, we decided to cancel the flight rather than risk anything untoward happening to our guests.

While our guests were waiting for the fault to be fixed, we provided them with meals. Subsequently, when we decided to cancel the flight we tried our very best to put our guests on the flights of other airlines back to Jakarta. Unfortunately at that time there were no flights available.

We then transported our guests and put them up for the night at several appointed hotels at our expense, and managed to get them booked on the several flights back to Jakarta the next morning. IAA wishes to emphasize that we strictly followed all the conditions stipulated in regulation KM 25 year 2008, throughout this incident. We once again would like apologize to our guests for the inconvenience, but we would also like to emphasize that the decision to cancel the flight was made with their safety in mind.

Furthermore, an amount of refunds has also been given to passengers who agreed on the latter

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