Monday, September 21, 2009

Corporates on the Net

19 September 2009

LOW-cost budget carrier AirAsia Bhd has pioneered e-commerce and online business when it began operations eight years ago.

Currently 75% of its business transactions are done online. It has an average of 16 million unique visitors a month.

According to an AirAsia spokesman, advertising and promotion (A&P) budget for major campaigns is divided between offline media (70%) and online (30%).

“For smaller campaigns or campaigns targeted at niche markets, we might do the other way around to leverage heavily on online only,” he says.

AirAsia has online ads at Google, Yahoo!, MSN and online portals of publications such as The Star, Sin Chew Daily and Malaysiakini.

“We are mostly targeting the mass market and inform customers about our latest offers. Recently, we launched our “2 days 20% off all flights” banner ads on MSN and The Star Online.

“We gained tremendous increase in click-through rates and linked traffic flow to AirAsia’s website which led to a conversion in sales,” the spokesman says.

He adds that AirAsia aims to build its market share through digital advertising and leverage different dimensions of this medium from brand building to customer engagement, analyse traffic flow for the website and mix both offline and online advertising campaigns.


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