Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fernandes cools Norwich talk

12 February 2010

Tony Fernandes has played down speculation he could buy Norwich City, saying his focus is currently on Lotus Racing.

The multi-millionaire businessman recently made an attempt to take over West Ham United, only to see David Gold and David Sullivan secure a deal for the Premier League club.

David Gold has subsequently been linked with a takeover of Norwich, and the Canaries' chief executive David McNally had suggested talks could take place in the future.

The founder of AirAsia is a regular visitor to the Lotus base at Hingham in Norfolk, however, for the time being, Formula One, rather than football is central to Fernandes' focus.

Never say no

"I am quite happy at the moment, and have got my hands full with Lotus," said Fernandes.

"I think the Lotus guys are very happy West Ham did not happen, so now they have 100 per cent of my attention and money!"

Fernandes added: "Everyone is speculating I am going to buy Norwich City.

"I have never been to Carrow Road, but they have the right colours.

"Never say no, but right now my focus is very much on Lotus Racing."

Fernandes believes if run properly, then sports clubs can be very profitable despite the financial troubles being experienced by several teams in the English game.

He said: "If you look at West Ham, it was a classic case of how not to do things.

"I believe in good old fashioned business principles of having a strong balance sheet, with a good cash flow.

"There are tremendous opportunities in sport."

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