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AirAsia Bhd expected 100 million passangers this week

04 October 2010

AirAsia Bhd. (AirAsia) is expected to-100 million passengers this week, after operating for more than eight years. Now low-cost airlines that actively monitors the reservations system to look for passengers to-100 million and the lucky passenger will receive a surprise gift.

Regional Head of Commercial Kathleen Tan said, the increase in the number of aircraft and the addition of new routes, it is expected to attract passengers to-200 million in a shorter period than that achieved for the passengers to-100 million.

''May be within the next three to five years its compared to other airlines that have been operating, the performance is good and it was done in a short time," she said.

Kathleen Tan said, besides offering competitive fares, destinations and services are offered either as a factor contributing passengers using the airline's services.

Even now, she said, AirAsia in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and AirAsia X has made Kuala Lumpur as the gateway, before they fly to other destinations.

She said, AirAsia also has changed the shopping habits and style, adventure and community in this country to travel more frequently than they started traveling in a younger age.

As such, she expects more than six percent of the people of this country have been flying on AirAsia currently carry 15 million passengers a year.

"In the early days of AirAsia, estimated that only six percent of the population has been using air services. The latest, China is a new popular destination among the Malays. In the past the Malays do not go to China because the thought had difficulty getting hard to find halal food and the mosque, but now everything has changed that presumption. This is because China has the largest Muslim nation in the world, "she said

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