Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Air Asia X To Debut Raiders Plane In California Today

14 September 2009

Despite the return of professional football, we did not have a good weekend. Our favorite team blew it, and apparently fantasy football is not our forte. There’s always next weekend, so we’ll get over it, and for now we’ll focus our football attention towards Air Asia X and their snazzy Oakland Raiders plane. Seeing a big airplane in NFL livery is pretty cool, especially since we’re still secretly hoping that the low cost carrier will announce a plan to serve the US.

We saw the new plane sticking its tail out from the hangar over the summer, but today it’s flying into Oakland to celebrate the start of the season. After all, the Raiders are playing tonight, so the timing is perfect. However, if you head to the team’s website, you’ll see that tonight’s game is being promoted side by side with ads for Hawaiian Airlines. Maybe team officials didn’t get the memo that another airline has honored them with a custom plane.

The Raiders are hoping to spread their fan base across Asia with the partnership with Air Asia X. As for today’s plans, there’s just speculation so far. Readers on the Airliners.net forum are reporting that old Raiders players as well as the Raiderettes—the team's cheerleaders—will be on hand to celebrate the plane’s arrival. Others suspect that the plane will do a fly over the Golden Gate Bridge before landing at the Oakland airport. We’ll definitely let you know if any surprise announcements come out of all the hoopla

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